Envato Community 2019 T-shirt contest - winners now announced!





Great contest!


Nice work


Wow. Its Very Simple and Stunning Design. Masha-Allah


Excellent design :slight_smile:


Nice work


Nice I like it

The best regards.


Still no more entries? :smiley: should I give it a try!?! With microsoft paint


Very interesting!


One month to go!

Following some feedback from @cyzer and others, we’ve been able to introduce a Merch Designer Shortlist badge to the lineup. This will be awarded to the competition runner-up:

As an extra incentive to get those entries in early, if we have 5 more entries by the end of January, I’ll extend the Shortlist badge to all those who make it into the Top 5 shortlist for our judges. The overall winner will receive the gold badge and prizes listed at the start of this thread, and the four runners up will all receive the green badge above :slight_smile:


I want this badge.:medal_military:


I liked it looks great :+1:


A suggestion to get more entries sooner:

Increase the reward to $750 for the entries that added before the end of January.



Hello , Great contest from a great community , i am in , wish a good luck for me and all participants :slight_smile:



I not know if like my idea t-shirt, please vote many thanks :+1:



Great job


Great Work !



nice job, good luck, regards.


Thank you :slight_smile: and good luck to everyone!