Envato Community 2019 T-shirt contest - winners now announced!



not yet but be patient :slight_smile:


19 days? Ahahaha :rofl: Are you seriously? Envato is located in Australia. This process may take a little longer. T-shirts that I have, were delivered to me several months. Don’t worry. A little patience and you will definitely wear this wonderful T-shirt :blush: :+1:


Not yet, just be patient.



Not yet… my country is far, more or less 2 months my house will arrive


Some T-shirts are already in transit, others haven’t been sent out yet
EDIT: All contest shirts have now been sent.

Note that it will typically take at least 2-3 weeks for the first shirts to start arriving, based on previous attempts at sending things out. We’re a long way away from the rest of the world, down here :smiley:


awesome !




Got mine today! Yay!


I got my tshirt few days ago :slight_smile: cool :slight_smile:




Today i received my T-Shirt as well. Thanks Team.


I didnt received mine yet :tired_face:


My partner received it :slight_smile: Thank you. I’m waiting for pics and will share it here


Me too