Envato Community 2019 T-shirt contest - winners now announced!


Good post) Cool design!


Great design winner. I hope to get a chance for any future competition as I missed this one.


Congratulation…!!! :partying_face::tada::+1:

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mi piace molto il tuo design , l amico


happy for u Paul, it is always feeling good to have consideration and no doubt that was enjoyable for u :slight_smile:


grazie n2n44

damn no badge T_____T


magari la prossima volta … :slight_smile:


hy thanks for info


:relieved: amen to that

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hi there :slight_smile: hehehehehehe


Nicest One, but Quite Clamzi.No Doubt Awesome idea.


amazing opportunity for all members, i wish to have it :sunglasses:


Hello Guys
@rautanstudio @Jthemes, @KipaLoops, @JeriTeam, @Novocaina, @MotionFox, @NinjaTeam, @cyzer, @OmWebSolutions and @photoshopyat.

Any of you have received the Tshirt?
Its been 19 Days I didn’t received mine yet, Cant wait to Wear it. :star_struck::scream:

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Did you submit your Shipping address ?


Yes I did


My opinion keep patience may be next week you will received.
No worry about that may be no one received yet.
But its under processing or way.


Thank you :+1:, I will wait
Still I would like to know did anyone already received theirs, though :grin:


Not yet :sob:


Same here, Hopefully next week :tired_face:


Not yet