Envato API site is unusable



Has anybody been experiencing some issues with the envato api documentation? No matter which browser I use, 90% of the times i refresh the page or try to login to test the output of the methods listed there, the site doesn’t work and doesn’t fully load, making it impossible to browse. Most of the times works fine non logged in, as soon as i login it breaks.


Currently timing out for me when making API requests…


Ah that’s why my code wasn’t working for the last 20 mins. Great, it’s ridiculous, how are we supposed to use this api if it keeps timing out.

Ironic how the old api works better than the “new” one.


Another issue i’ve noticed, the app i’ve registered, randomly decided to drop some of the permissions i had given it through the envato api site.


I’ve looked into this and there definitely appears to have been a large spike in errors recently. We should have been alerted to this automatically but due to a misconfiguration (now fixed) we didn’t get notified. At the time of writing the API appears to be behaving itself.

We are currently investigating the causes of these errors and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon.


Hi there… I am currently working on new version of nWallet app for Envato Marketplaces (Android)… Situation is:

  • New API app is created and working
  • My Android app gets all needed
    tokens… (working with update token and all…)
  • When I use app on
    other device and authorise App to use Envato API on it - I loose token updates on previous device…

Did any of you had similar problem?