Is Envato API working?

Suddenly the API stopped working both --> (Try It Out!)


curl -X GET
-H ‘authorization: Bearer xxxxxJimMCIjxa8NxxxxxxxxxxxxOwOrIgWm’

Error header: x-amzn-ErrorType →AuthorizerConfigurationException

any ideas why?

Identified - We have identified the cause as a piece of our AWS infrastructure being unavailable and under provisioned and we are working with them to rectify the issue.
Jun 23, 11:18 AEST

Investigating - We are currently investigating increased exception rates on the API.
Jun 23, 11:06 AEST

What themereviewer said. Worth signing up to updates so you’ve got your finger on the pulse when there are any issues. Then you can get updates when you’re sat on your balcony with a nice cup of coffee, looking out over the Andaman Sea… just as a random example.


Yes, our API is currently suffering a partial outage due to issues with the underlying systems. As the other users mentioned, you can follow along at to keep advised of our progress on the issue. We don’t currently have an ETA for resolution, but will update the status page when fixed.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.


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that page has ssl expired

Hi @jyostna,

Thanks for that report! That’s my fault, I pasted the wrong URL. Our status page is hosted by a third party,, and they don’t support SSL on custom subdomains (the certificate is not expired, it’s just issued for a different Common Name).

If you want to visit the page via SSL, use the following URL:

If you’re happy with it over plain HTTP, you can use the hostname I pasted previously:

Both have the same content.