Envato API + Envato Market Plugin for Theme bought twice

Hey Guys,

before I buy the theme twice in the same envato account, I first wanted to make sure that it works as we want.

A few weeks ago I bought Theme A, which is connected with the Envato-API and the Envato-Market WordPress-Plugin. So I can Update the theme easily.

Now I want to buy anther license from Theme A, to work with it on another website.
Can I connect the second license of the same theme, in the same envato account with Envato-API and the Plugin? Or do I have to use a new Envato-Account for that?

The new website is a completly new WordPress on a different server.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

yes, you have to use the same envato account.
envato market use api personal token. api personal token have to create under the purchaser account. So, you can connect the second license of the same theme.

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Ah okay I understand, thank you very much for your answer!

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