How to Get your new API key ?

kindly let me know which pluging is suitable for automatically update my theme / themes (purchased on Envato).

  1. Envato Market wordpress plugin.
  2. Envato WordPress Toolkit

Also advise me whole procedure of update the theme automatically

Hello @Trade-Link

The Envato Toolkit plugin is deprecated in favour of the new Envato Market plugin. There will no longer be any bugfixes or support for Envato Toolkit plugin.

So the reccommended option to get updates for Envato items is the Envato Market plugin.

To install it and receive updates, please follow the steps described here (the How to install? section):


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In “Envato Market” Theme menu, all the WordPress Themes that have been purchased through the Envato Market / ThemeForest is not listed just few of them are listed.

Envato API Personal Token is valid for multiple wordpress ?
i mean to say can I use the same API key for multiple sites?

Yes, one API key will work for all of your installations with the Envato Market plugin.

Can somebody please help me understand why I am not able to see the API Key option when I login to my panel ? See screenshot :

Any help, will be appreciated.