Envato and VideoHive logos and watermark

Hi, I am new to videohive and have uploaded my first template but received a message saying that the watermark for videos have changed but I cannot find the new waterwark, all the links in the envato site are corrupted, even the logo i used in my template is from google image. Is not there a easy place to download these kind of files from the envato website? Like logo, watermark… I cannot find it, and it is driving me mad.

Thank you for the help and sorry for the silly question.

If you go HERE and scroll down the page a bit, you’ll find a link to the VideoHive watermark. However, I can’t seem to get it to download myself, maybe you’ll have better luck. If not, you should contact support and ask if they can send it to you, or show you a different way to get it.

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thats the same problem i am having… I sent an e-mail and nothing… why is it so hard? I cannot find on the internet either. THanks for your reply though.

Give me your email. I’ll send you new watermark

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Thank you, I just sent you a message with the e-mail.

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