Envatitor died???

Hello Friends! A few days ago my favorite envatitor stopped working for me. It turns out this happened to many. How to fix this problem? He was very comfortable! Thanks!

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The online version works for me again:


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It looks like he died 8(((

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Seems fine here too https://i.gyazo.com/aeb7faec7b171a95ab275bd8d62a2134.png

Do you get the same results in another browser? If so, do you see any console errors?

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clear cache and reload

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I made it 8(((
It works only on TOR browser 8(((

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Working in TOR is better than not working at all, so at least you can use it, though you should check your machine etc as it appears to be an issue on your end, not envatitor/

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Unfortunately, this happened to many of my friends on the same day, a strange problem 8 (

Do you? Interested to see what they are as they would probably help

Hmm, works fine here too, in chrome and edge.

Uff, it works for me without problems:)

Still up and running

Not working for me too.

Here’s the console error:

Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html: “https://revaxarts-themes.com/envatitor/_css/style.css”.

I’m using Opera and it works fine. Tried it on Chrome too and it also works without problems.