Envatitor is gone?!

I used this for years as my primary way of setting up my item descriptions, but now it seems like the site is gone. I just get a 404 error.


Same 404 here. Hope it’s temporarily closed for maintenance.

Same :cry:

lol sorry for the stupid question, but what was it pls?

It was a site made specifically for setting up item descriptions without having to manually type in all the HTML for links, images, etc. And it showed you exactly what the description would like before posting it.

thank u so much for the great and useful info :slight_smile: too bad that i did not know this beforehand … anyway i understand that u feel sad that this useful too is not available anymore …

Same here. :disappointed: I’m using this now: https://bailey.sh/experiments/designer/

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works now

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Everything works fine

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Works fine, and even my previous description i was working on lately is still there. :grinning:

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Huzzah! Glad it works agian.

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Yep, same here. Must have been a temporary maintenance thing or something.