Enfold Theme HELP!!!

HELP PLEASE!!!, I have purchased 7 Enfold themes with Envato.

Recently i have had trouble with 5 sites on 1 particular server that after a WP Update i’m no longer able to upload an image over the size of 2meg. It kept coming up with a HTTP Error…

After over 70 emails back and forth with my hosting company we have determined that it must have been a corrupt installation version of WP and they are recommending i clone my site to a file using a WP Plugin, delete the site and then using a older version of WP reinstall the cloned site…

So… my question to you is that given i have purchased 7 of the Enfold Themes, all as single use sites, how do i go about reinstalling the site theme…? Is there some sort of product key inbuilt in the site?

Any information about this would be greatly appreciated… Alternatively if you have heard of this error happening and have found a easier way to fix it please let me know!!

Thanks for you time,

Mark Brittain

PS: i’m sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section…