Enfold Theme

Hi everyone. I have just recently bought the ENFOLD theme. In that i am not able to upload a image ??

Any recommendation

Contact the theme author, you can have a server problem or theme on. Do you get an error on upload, if so what is it ?

How do i contact Author ?? Well it is not showing any error but its not working only.

WELL i have posted on FB and Twitter of the Author. Looking for serious guidance since its the start where image uploading and media files both the options not working.

Sounds like written permission for the folder. I could help you to solve the problem in few hours (quick help) if you’re interested in

I’m an Enfold expert. My website https://ninjateam.org using Enfold theme. In this case please chmod your folder to 755 and try again.


Ninja Team…Thank a ton. What exactly are you instructing i am not able to get it…Can u explain in detail …


Yes, looks like some folder permissions problem

Best regards

Well i am in File zilla and in the content folder…where do i have grant permission. If you can mention the steps that would be great.

I am checking out the folder in theme…to give permission…Tell step by step i ll do it…

Thanks a ton

Try to look in the Media section from sidebar and see if you have any images there and if you can see the preview.
What @NinjaTeam suggested is that you need to change file permissions using any FTP client and set the permission he gave you. Right click on theme folder and click “Change permission” you can do this with Filezilla if you want.

I have checked in the theme…but there is nothing Change permission coming…The last row is File Attributes. where i ticked up the subdirectories…and pressed ok…then tried opening the folder nothing is happening…

I have done as you had mention but still there the option of inserting image is not working…

Please send your Skype ID via my contact form at https://codecanyon.net/user/ninjateam (at right hand side) and I will help you check it.


arpit.malpani1 thats my Skype ID