I cant update

Hi i have had the Enfold theme, and a child theme on my website for many years now, i updated my account last june but nothing under Enfold Child Theme Options works.
I saw that my Enfold theme is version 4.0.7. but how can i update it?
Kind regards and a hope for help

That means your copy is very very old.

Reading item support there was a pretty heavyweight update made a while back (around 4.5)

You can download the latest copy via the envato plugin or manually from your downloads page BUT jumping a far as 4.0.7 to 4.7+ is not going to be as easy as just installing the latest version.

Whatever you do make sure you have a full back up in place

i’d recommend purchasing extended support and asking the best way to do this. Alternatively consider freelance help from www.studio.envato.com

This is very bad, i have been paying every year for the theme, i havent been asked if i want to update my theme and i thought it was on automatic update, but ok nothing has been happening for three years, well i just payd the anual fee so i have the latest. But i dont understand why i havent been asked to update, i try to ceep the site updated in plugins and WP versions.

Thank you,

That sounds entirely wrong -

Enfold is not part of elements or the subscription service and you get lifetime updates after your first purchase with no extra payment (unless you are talking about having continually extended support?)

If the theme was set to auto updates then it sits have alerted to there having been new versions as/when they became available

Have you tried to just install and overwrite what you have with the latest copy? That sounds ambitious without a more complicated process…

Hi i have been paying every year for Enfold, but vith out any uppdates. I will get the people that host the site to help me, everything workt fine until fem/april then everything was unavaleble in Theme Options.

Unless you are paying for extended support from the author then you should not be paying any kind of annual charge and especially not for updates

Who are you paying each year? It can’t be envato

If you are paying a third party agency or team to manage and maintain the website for you then you deserve a huge refund as the version you are operating on is years out of date.

You do not have to pay every year to get latest updates. Once you buy a theme, you get updates for as long as the theme is available on the Envato.
Please contact the author of the theme to get support: