Enfold Theme Demo Issue


Just bought a theme called ‘ENFOLD’. However i am having issues uploading the demo content of this theme.

  1. When i uploaded the theme demo and try to launch my site, i get “xlbillboardsng.com is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500”

  2. I have increased the memory_limit on the WP. I have been on this for over 3 weeks now. The theme support isn’t replying to my request. Please i need help.

That sounds like a housing issue - did you speak to your hosts?

@Kriesi and the enfold team are very respected members and it’s unlike them not to be able to help unless st something outside their control

How long ago did you contact them?

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I have sent messages to them, before coming on this plate form.

or maybe i am not posting my issues in the right channel. Could you help me with the support link or URL where i can contact them?

@charlie4282 has already posted the link that you could use for the support earlier.

If you have requested a theme installation instead, they may reject the offer due to purchasing the theme doesn’t come with free installation service.

In most cases, it’s related to your hosting service and you may need to change few other configurations. I’m quite sure their support has offered some advices already but for free support, you can try to contact your hosting provider as well

If all of these suggestions are not good enough for you and if you don’t want to wait more, I can offer express installation service ( within few hours )

Installing a WordPress theme is not a big deal. However i don’t know why this particular theme has issues with uploading the demo contents.

Don’t worry if i can’t get what i want, my last resort would be to use another flexible theme that wont give much issues.

Thanks for your help same.