Theme won't load into WP says Link expired


Hi I am trying to load themeforest-4519990-enfold into my WP themes from the zip and it keeps telling me “something went wrong” and “the link you followed has expired,” yet I just downloaded it from my account.


Hello @onehornmedia

If you’re still having this issue, it means that the upload process breaks due to server settings which limit the resources for the website. For instance if the maximum upload size is set to, let’s say 5MB, but the theme package is larger, let’s say 10MB, the upload will not work, throwing errors like this one.

You should contact your web hosting provider asking them to raise the Maximum File Upload Size or you can raise them yourself, like in this helpful and easy article:

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Yes that worked. Thank you!


Hello! I had the same problem with the theme I purchased from envato. While on the phone with my web host company we had to install FileZilla on my computer and use it to upload the file directly into the file hosting website. The assistant that was on the phone with me had us connect to each other via GoToAssist so she could remotely access my computer and accomplish this task. Thankfully it worked. Maybe this will help someone.