Problems installing Enfold on Wordpress

I’m trying to install Enfold on a self-hosted website, but I keep getting a simple “Wordpress failure” message.

I have installed many different themes on Wordpress websites before, and it usually takes less than a minute.

I’ve tried installing the and I’ve also tried installing just the, but neither works.

I’ve also tried downloading again, in case the first attempt didn’t download all the files, but that doesn’t work either.

I have also just tried installing a completely different theme by a different company, to check whether there was a problem at my end, however the other theme was installed successfully in less than 30 seconds.

Can anyone help?

You really should contact the theme author for that.

And make sure that your WordPress upload limits are high enough to accommodate the size of the theme package, and only upload the install-able theme file itself, and not the full package. The theme manual should include more information about that.

Premium themes are obviously more complex and therefore much larger than the free themes you can download/install from the WordPress repository, and therefore have higher system requirements (upload limits, PHP memory, etc.).

try to unzip it and upload the theme only in the theme folder. Use the enfold support.

What failiure message do you get exactly? e.g. “missing stylesheet” or similar?

Thanks for your help.

I have accessed the author support page, and found similar queries.

The error message I keep getting is “WordPress Failure Notice. Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.”

The author support page says the recommended way to upload the theme is via FTP, which to me is a complete pain. I haven’t used FTP for years.

The theme I was using before and which uploaded in less than 30 seconds is also a premium theme. I decided to change to Enfold because I liked the design, and because many of the review comments said it was really easy to use.

Anyway thanks again for your help. I’d better go and see if there’s an FTP programme that my old laptop can handle.

That is a hosting issue - as you found the solution is usually to use FTP.

You can always download something like FileZilla which is super easy to use.

Most likely the only real difference from other themes is the scale and complexity behind something as epic as Enfold is quite a step above most other theme.

Good luck

Filezilla might be super easy if you’re used to these things, but it can’t be downloaded onto my laptop, as it’s too old.

I have downloaded it onto my mum’s computer, but the folders look nothing like the folders in the instruction video - I have no idea why. The other uploaded themes and wp folders are nowhere to be seen. I used to use Fetch years ago and it worked fine.

It’s nearly midnight now and I’ve been spending hours on this so I’m too tired to think straight. My website is an embarrassing mess. I really regret this purchase!

I will contact my hosting company tomorrow to see if they can help.

Hello there,

Not sure if you’re looking for paid support or your hosting company could help but you can purchase one of my services then I could install the theme for you if you’d like and interested in.



I have finally managed to get the theme uploaded - yay! Thanks again to everyone who has helped me on this thread.

One of the reasons I had problems with the FTP was due to security precautions put in place after a hacking attack. My hosting company suggested that I obscure some of the files, but that made it really difficult for me to access them via the FTP.

Once I finally managed to do that, with the help of the hosting company, I then got the error message “stylesheet is missing”.

Anyway, the theme is now fully uploaded and I’m looking forward to starting work on it.