Employment for salon industry

I’m looking for a WP template/theme that can be used solely for the salon industry. It’s hard finding help, so I would like to have a site that salons can post openings, and stylist can post there resume’s. The trick is allowing some of the stylist to interact invisibly with salon owners. Example would be, if a salon owner goes on the site, and sees one of their employees looking for a job, it might grounds for termination, to avoid the stylist from taking the clientele with them. I would also like to be able to charge for the salons postings. Any help would be appreciated.

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We put together a list of the best WordPress themes and plugins for hairdressers, barbers, and salons if you’re interested in checking any of those out?


Thanks, but this site would be for salon owners to recruit stylist and stylist to post there resume only.

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Ahh gotcha. In that case you may be better off searching for a job theme and modify it to your needs.

Here are few ideas - What is the best Theme for a resume database?