Freelancer Directory


I am looking for a theme/directory for Designers. I see a TON of directory themes, but many are for physical locations, places, etc. I am looking to promote designers that are looking to promote their brand and be hired. Two features that I need for sure are Paid Featured Listings and a Photo/Work gallery.

Any help is appreciated!


Why you don’t search on jobs theme?

Looking for more of a directory. The designers need to have profiles, featured listings, a gallery for photos, etc.

Not looking for employers to be able to post jobs either.

That is not a problem. I can customize template by your specifications.

I have created one WordPress theme with some plugins for another customer. You can contact me for the details if you’re interested in, I could give away one copy to you as well


Would I be able to see this theme to see if it works well with the idea?


As long as you provide all the details, I’m sure that, worst case, I could modify the WordPress theme.
IF you contact me, we could have a quick chat about the job and details

No need to contact anyone.
You can use Lisify which supports that and has all the options to be like a directory and also posibility for hiring etc! :wink: