Looking for Developer WP - Job Board


im looking a developer who can development job board on WP

Partnership or paid job?

do you have Skype?

You mean, me?


What you prefer?

I’m not interested in partnership but can code it for a fixed price. Drop me an email if you’re interested in

I can definitely help you with that if you’re still looking


Yes Im still looking

do You have experience with WP?

W dniu 09.05.2017 o 04:56, jewishjobs pisze:

Yes I am experienced WordPress developer and we have about 20 themes on Themeforest.net

Email: support@jkthemes.com
SKYPE: themedune


Yes I have experience with Wordpress, this is the website I’m launching now.

Interactive Job Board

Ok do you want cooperation 50/50% ?

W dniu 09.05.2017 o 21:44, thejkthemes pisze:

Email me and we’ll talk… Email: jewishjobsny@gmail.com

add me to your Skype & we can further discuss.