What is the best Theme for a resume database?

Hey there!
I try to build a website where people can submit their resume…similar to a business card in the web.
The whole thing should work like a directory…

Just like a job board, just the opposite.
You should go online, check who´s around your location, search for names, skills…or whatever.
I just find directories for companies…or whole job board solutions. I do not want jobs to be listed.

Maybe you guys can help me with a recommendation.


Hey there @MMA_Impact,

I had a good look around the marketplace, and there’s a quite a number of options. You could actually do this with a theme, or by using a plugin for an existing theme. It all depends on you and the scope of what you’re wanting to accomplish with your site. Something to be mindful of, a number of the straight “resume-database” themes and plugins are a little dated and haven’t been updated for a while.

The good news is that the vast majority of “job-listing” items are built with a resume database features as well as job-database features. It would simply be a matter of having the resume/ candidate database turned on, but the job-database to be turned off.

There’s a PHP script in Codecanyon that’s been built by the @codeareena team. It’s a modern script (having been built in the past 9 months) and looking through the item comments I can see that the team is active is supporting customers. A very good sign.

On the Theme side of things; I’m a big fan of the @Astoundify team and their Jobify theme. As a disclaimer, I do know the team personally, but I can certainly vouch for their solid support and quality. You can actually see the exact features you’re describing here in their item demo:

Note that Jobify is a job-listing theme as well as a resume database. I would imagine you can turn the job-listing part off, but if you’re in doubt you can ask them in the item-comments before you buy.

Hope that helps :+1: