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What happen with envato ? My item was approved but no email notification. Anyone know the problem?

May be envato email delivery network delay. Sometimes it can happen and hope you will receive email soon. please check back in your inbox/spam/junk after few hours.

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hi the thing being placed in the junk or spam folder is a usual thing, there maybe a delay of email too , it doesn’t not really matter anyway the best thing is that your item was approved :slight_smile:

You are right, but it seems something is missing if there is no email notification hahaha :joy:

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Hi! Could it be an Envato bug? Because we stopped receiving the email notifications for when people comment on our items since yesterday.

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yes maybe, i don’t receive email notification when my item is received too.

Yeah, email system is not working, even the emails that are sent from profiles. It’s been 2 days.

We haven’t thought of that! That’s a little more important because people that contacted us via profile will think that we ignored their messages when we never received them!
Do you have any news about this? Will we receive the “lost” messages once this issue is fixed? @BenLeong @steve_lam @KingDog


Heya. We’re looking into the email situation to see what’s up. Thanks!

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We’re having the same problem. We’re not receiving support tickets or item comment notifications.