No approval or rejections emails


I uploaded 6 items about a week ago and till date i have receive any email regarding approval or reject. On my dashboard it shows me “Currently processing uploads” with three items there but there is no notification for other 3 any where in my account or email.

Any advice ??

Thank You.


Check your hidden items tab or check your email spam folder, something must be there.


Hi Check both my spam and hidden items but nothing is there.


Very strange! then you must contact envato support:


hi , yes i guess the best thing for you to do is to contact the help center because that maybe a technical issue if it’s not in the spams or anything else


I again check both the hidden items and my inbox/spam mail nothing there.
I am generating ticket at the link you sent, lets see.
I am also attacheding a screenshot for my dashboard


i guess u had no other way to do if so , u made the right move … good luck :wink:


I was not getting email’s because there was some problem with my email delivery network. Spoke to my hosting guy’s and got it corrected.


I am using gmail addres.
I read some threads saying that envato has issue deliverying emails to yahoo, but none of them says anything about gmail.

Do you think this could be some issue at gmail ??