No email on track approval/rejection?

I haven’t received an email from envato on approval or rejection of my last 2 tracks.
Are you guys having similar issues? Or is it just me?

Hello, Rinkevich!
I always received an email from Envato in this case…
First of all you should check this parameter in your profile: Settings - Email Settings - Item review notifications (I think you already did it, didn’t you?)
Perhaps you should send a message about this problem to the Support Team, if this issue annoys you.
Good luck!

Hi, no I never had this issue, always received the notification mails. Maybe there is an mistake in the address you deposited?

Check the spam folder

Actually I didn’t). Thanks for the tip!

Nope, no mistake… Not a major issue anyway

Yep, did that in first place. Thanks!

Have your tracks disappeared?
If the answer is “yes”, you sould write to Audiojungle’s help section:
good luck!

Me too… but i’m just 1 track

No, they haven’t. The emails showed up in the spam folder, but after a while. Just a bug with my mail, I guess.

Never had an issue, just got item approved email from envato