Elite Alliance Copyright Content ID Claims.

Hi, I’ve recently started a new YouTube channel project and used music with licenses from Envato Elements. I have received content ID claims for all the songs in my video, and the licenses I have provided have been good enough to clear the claims from all other copyright agencies apart from Elite Alliance.

The songs in question are:

Boogie Electro Swing-30866-RFR by @LazaOaza

Latin Trap by @99Instrumentals

& Summer Pop Funk-7222-RFR by AudioZen

Can you please help get my disputes settled properly for these? I plan to use these songs in a few more videos too as I like them so much, should I message you here once I have published them? Thanks!


Are you using a separate license for each video? A license is good for only one video. If you used the same license for more than one video, that would explain why Elite Alliance is not lifting their claims.

Hi, all claims were released.

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