Hi all,

I have used the envato elements, template kit Floury but also the style kit of this kit.

This shifts my global styles, but also overwrite and therefore “breaks” the style of my website based on my theme.

I want to keep elements of this style kit and remove it or overwrite it on certain pages. What is the best course of action here?

The example is here:

Driptaart – Thuisbanket.nl (press choose date)



Elementor is not able to skin or style 3rd party plugins that do not specifically include elementor support, which includes things like date pickers for WooCommerce. If you want to use the kit fonts and colors, but find it overrides some elements like this, you can try going into Elementor, then click the menu icon at top left to open Site Settings, click on Buttons and clear the color and other settings. This will prevent the button style from being applied globally. Next, go to typography and do the same there, this will clear all of the font and color settings from non-elementor widgets or pages. If there are still some overrides, your best option is to contact your theme author (or the plugin if the calendar is a plugin) and ask for assistance with custom CSS code to style the calendar.

If you do not want Elementor to override anything, go to Elementor > Settings and uncheck “disable default fonts” and “disable default colors”. You may need to customize elementor widgets to set colors and fonts under the Style tab where needed.

For further help using Elementor go to Elementor > Get Help in the admin menu