Trending UI in elementor

  • A Template Kit can not include Custom CSS.

    • This means no CSS can be used from the Elementor Pro or other 3rd party plugins.
    • This means no CSS can be used from the WordPress Customizer area or theme stylesheet files.

This also means, we cannot implement trendy ui like Neumorphism …

@KingDog sorry to tag you but can you allow us to write own css?

Custom CSS is not allowed and you can not use it - the rules are the same for everyone.

Then it’s not fun

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Only way to have some custom CSS/JS or some widgets is to have approved plugin on and to set that plugin as required for your template.

Really but someone also told that you cannot even use plugin (on wordpress) to make custom css styles?

it would be awesome if envato allow us to do this… I’ll create some plugin for my templates. :slight_smile:

I will try to provide you an example:

Let say you don’t like the default Skills bar widget in Elementor and you want to add some custom CSS. You are not allowed to add any custom CSS anywhere to make this changes.

But you are allowed to create your own plugin with your own Skills bar widget (and style) and to upload it on and to set that plugin as required for your template.

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  • A Template Kit can require free Third Party Plugins / add ons for Elementor, as long as those add ons are hosted on the plugin repository. Premium plugins/add ons are not allowed, apart from Elementor Pro.


There are a few reasons we don’t allow Custom CSS in kits:

  1. The item is marketed as a 0 coding experience and needs to be easy to customize. We don’t want users to have to go into your code to change something
  2. Kits need to allow an even playing field for authors - we want UI/UX designers without a lot of development background to be able to create these too.
  3. If we have to review your code, then there must be a heuristic in place for what the CSS could and couldn’t do - this overcomplicates review process.
  4. Elementor and Addon developers change selectors often and without a lot of warning which can significantly break your kit. By limiting features and design to Elementor and addons, it puts the update impetus on the addons, not you, and ensures items stay functional and fresh for longer.

In short, if you need to do something that goes beyond addon capabilities, then your item should be a theme. This is the primary line between themes and kits.


Okay Thank You madam… Am I allowed to use wordpress plugin to add these css features as mgscoder answered?

I’m asking this because Theme requires lot of coding & hours but templates are easy to create.


Everything must be 100% customizeable in the builder. There cannot be anything requiring coding changes, CSS edits or backend admin setup. The import must basically be identical to the demo in 1 click with the exception of blog and woocommerce post content.

If you can find an elementor addon that has the features you would like to use, those are OK to include.

Think of it like this, would your parents be able to install and setup your template kit with only the elementor help center as a guide? If no, then it is too complicated.

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