Economical concern

Hello everybody, as many of you have probably seen, the value of $ coin is going really bad lately, and lost a 15% in few months. This means LOT of money less in a year for a Themeforest author.
In the meanwhile, all the other coins are going up (literally evey other coin like Euro, Pound, Yen).

As Envato is based in Australia and USD is an arbitrary coin, why not evaluating to switch the market to some more stable coin? Probably everybody will stop being abused by government games and we can live more relaxed.

I mean, there are people talking about dollar collapse as they have something like 15 trillions $ debt, who has any advantage of selling in dollar still?

Hope my post can offer an interesting idea for Envato managers, please consider what’s going on from a more “holistic” point of view that goes behind our screens, before we all end up cleaning toilets :smiley:

Cheers and have a nice weekend!

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Apart from a few exceptions, on average, the value of the dollar has been gradually increasing for the past nine years or so.

Back in 2007, if you withdrew $1000 from Envato, you would get around £490 in your account. Now you withdraw $1000 and you’ll get around £750. Same for a lot of other currencies.

Yes, the value of the dollar has decreased slightly since October, but that barely offsets the benefit we’ve had for the last nine years. If we were to change to AUD then there’s nothing to stop that losing value a few months down the line.

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Thank you for not offering bitcoins.

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In my country & my partners’ countries, USD is the most stable currency. It has the trend of stronger & stronger.
Other currencies (Pound, Yen, AUD, $Sing, Renmin Yuan…) are a nightmare, they can be up & down with a variant of 10-30% in a few weeks or so.

I concur.

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Is funny that i wrote this post in July, now is January and a recent affirmation by Angela Merkel made the USD raise like hell vs USD, producers from Europe are very upset because export is now ‘forked up’ and the dollar will be at level of 2014 by enf of the year, this means a loss of 25% for authors compared to beginning 2016.

25 %

Guys that’s REALLY a lot, imagine you live 30 years less, imagine a day is made by 16 hours, imagine you sleep 5 hours instead of 8, this is 25%.
But now Envato is in USA so for them is much better, for every author that is not in US is horrible.
Unless you are not in Bangladesh…
But anyway…

Did you mean the Euro has gone up against the dollar? Anyway like SpaceStockFootage indicated, the Dollar is doing much better against the British pound since we voted for Brexit. So I suggest you encourage your country to do something really stupid and maybe your own currency will plummet as well. :thumbsup:

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Yes sorry I meant the EURO agains USD is rising. Experts says end 2018 1USD = 0.75EUR
This means for us a HUGE loss, OR we need to increase prices by 20% and put themes at 85$, but who would buy them?

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Glad you laugh, our families doesn’t :slight_smile: thanks Merkel and Trump for this (any referral to existing peuple is purely casual)

I certainly wasn’t chuckling at your post. But I did smile at @unvab’s comment about bitcoins.

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