Not Very Happy With Envato


Nothing peeves me more than a company that is full of lies and a lack of transparency. I will be reporting this to the appropriate authorities.

Nowhere does it say that I have to pay in US dollars. Their Contact Page gives the impression that they are based in Melbourne, Australia. They have never answered the phone number or returned calls from messages left.

It is unlikely our company will ever use Envato again. We dont deal with companies that have a lack of integrity.


Seems to be fairly clearly stated here

When you deposit money into your Envato Market account it is converted by your payment provider from your currency to US Dollars. We then convert those US Dollars to Envato Credits. Envato Credits are the virtual currency on Envato Market and one (1) Envato Credit is equal to one (1) US Dollar.


It is stated on the deposit page, as well as in the link that SimpleSites4U provided.


I didn’t make a deposit, I made 2 separate purchases. Paid by credit card. If it is US dollars, you need to display it next to the price not hidden away in some FAQ link like SimpleSites4U has pointed out. That is not being transparent.

I have no problems with the people on Envato as there are some great developers here but, in this case, it is the company itself that I have problems with.

When dollars are converted from Australian to US it increases our costs by around 30%. In business we like to stick to budgets so, transparency is a must. If I have to search to see what currency is being used this is not good enough and it just preys on uneducated customers.

By promoting Envato as an Australian company, with an Australian address, the perception given is everything is in Australian Dollars.

Stop looking for excuses! Fix the problem.


You raise a valid point, I just went through the purchase process via card and it doesn’t state US Dollars. Well, not up to the point I got to anyway, I didn’t actually buy anything. That should be updated, so it’s clear it’s in US Dollars before making the purchase. Card payments are pretty new, so it looks like that was missed when implementing the new payment option. I’d say that was more of an oversight than lies or a lack of transparency/integrity, although that’s just my opinion.

Although, one thing to note… it may not say US Dollars, but also, nowhere does it say AUS Dollars. The fact that Envato are an Australian company isn’t exactly prominent on the site, unless you go digging around in the about section or maybe the forums. Although they are an Australian company, they recently started operating in the US, and all sales and payments are handled there. Although they still used US dollars before that, as it’s more of a universal currency and most of their buyers are in the US. Just to fill you in a bit!


I’ve raised this with the powers that be, just so you know.


Exactly, your opinion. I have perceived it differently and being one of your customers it is my perception and probably many others who say nothing but never return.

Before making any purchase I check what country the website is from, just in case there is a lack of transparency with the currency. I also like to verify who you are before giving my credit card to you. When it says that it is based in Australia you can automatically assume that the currency is Australian.


Considering that Envato is operating worldwide, it is actually assumed that prices are in USD, rather then AUD, as the USD is (for better or worse) the dominant online (and physical) currency in the world. And as the vast majority of buyers and authors on Envato are in fact coming from outside of Australia, using (the in comparison only “fringe”) AUD as currency is simply not practical or suitable for a marketplace like Envato.


Now that you have all finished treating me like a child and angered me even further I hope you are all happy.

In Australia the law states:

“Business is not to mislead Australian consumers”

I was misled, whether intentionally or not, I was still misled. Fortunately for you the internet is a very grey area of enforcing this countries laws.

To assume that every website I visit and make a purchase from is automatically in US dollars is ludicrous.

Tekanewa, FYI, the Australian Dollar Symbol is AUD. Show a bit of respect for our country.

You have all taken the corporate attitude of, the customer is wrong, and have attempted diversionary tactics away from the fact that you do not display the currency on your credit card purchase system. However, you display it on all other purchasing systems you have. If what you are saying is correct, why do you display it on all the other purchasing systems you have?

Let me point out that, in this case the customer is right.

Rather than saying, “Sorry, thanks for the heads up on this, we will have this sorted as soon as possible”. You may even want to say (if the customer is important to you), “We have credited you $?? USD on your account” or “Please accept our apology as this was unintended. We have sent you a free plugin” etc etc etc.

Personally, I don’t want your credit, I don’t want your plugins. What I do want is acknowledgement and an apology for being treated like a child through this whole post. Not an excuse that “you should know automatically that it is in US currency”


I never said that you should automatically know that it’s in US currency, I just inferred that one shouldn’t automatically assume that it’s in a certain currency, unless it’s specifically stated.

And just to clarify… I don’t work for Envato, I just moderate on a voluntary basis. While my actions when it comes to deleting, moving, editing or updating posts is defined by Envato guidelines, the majority of my posts, and the opinions contained within, are my own.

You’ve raised a valid point which I’ve acknowledged and passed on to the powers that be.


Not knowing what the particular international short form for a particular currency is, does not automatically imply disrespect for a country (I updated and corrected my last post, by the way) and does also not invalidate the essence of my statement. Just because you don’t like a reply you received because it doesn’t match with your personal opinion and then lashing out at the person taking their time to actually reply to you, might be the exact reason why you “are treated like a child” (although nobody who replied here in this topic actually did so, I might add), so show some respect for the people that do attempt to explain a situation to you as well.

And just like #SpaceStockFootage, I do NOT work or speak for Envato, I’m just a buyer and author here, and personally, I never once thought that I would be paying in AUD.

Besides, just using the $ symbol next to an amount is the internationally accepted way to refer to the USD, otherwise it would in fact say AUD, CAD, or whatever regional dollar currency there is. The fact that Envato is an Australian company has no relevance to the currency used on an international online marketplace, which common sense should make clear to everybody.


AliBaba is a Chinese company yet they are selling in USD. USD is the global currency.


Valid Points - Also the “USD Dollars” issue should be fixed and should be “obvious” (it already is, but if some customers are making this mistake then it’s surely something to be fixed.


Fiverr shows AUD currency. I’m sure that’s an international online marketplace. Actually, I remember reading, 12 - 18 months ago, they didn’t, and they lost a lot of customers and there was a lot of complaints.

Fortunately for Fiverr, they had someone switched on within their ranks. What they must have realised was that not all their customers live in the US or understand how the currencies work. They must have accepted that all of us are unique individuals and are definitely not the same. We all have different education levels in nearly everything from knowing more about timber than someone else to more about pig farming to someone else.

What must have dawned on them, was the fact that the world was a lot different than what they first perceived. They had to cater to different cultures, different education levels and so on. They didn’t want to assume anymore.

I see that you are in Germany. Do you not have Euro Dollars on your sites? You wouldn’t know the confusion that may occur, due to Australia, USA and many other countries sharing the $ symbol.

Sorry you misunderstood me SpaceStockFootage. I posted your quote to validate that the credit card option did not show what currency they were using. It just showed the dollar sign. Apologies for that.

You are absolutely correct SpaceStockFootage and this is why I went to the contact Us page, phoned them, left a message and nobody got back to me. Whilst I was on that page I had confirmed in my mind that it was an Australian website so the obvious assumption I made was that it must be in Australian currency.

That is not true. However, I do believe that it would be a goal of the US, to keep control of the currency market and have all monies flowing through the US and of course taking a cut of it (opinion).

Thankyou Tekanewa for editing it from AUS$ to AUD. What peeved me was the fact that you did not say US$ when comparing with AUS$ or AUD when comparing with USD.


Thankyou Bedros


I’m not here to argue about the dominance of the USD; but as someone from a country that does not use the $ sign for their currency, I can only repeat that it would never cross my mind to assume that the $ sign on Envato marketplaces would in any way refer to the AUD, because for better or worse, when just seeing the $ sign without any further additions, the vast majority of people on this planet will in fact assume that it is the USD.

And as stated by others here in this topic, insinuating that Envato is actively trying to confuse or even mislead users by not making it clearer, is very far out there. It is much more likely a simple oversight, most likely due to the basic assumption that nobody would actually think it would be the AUD. You have now proven that assumption to be faulty, and hopefully, Envato will make the necessary steps to update their forms, or at least their FAQ’s, to make it more obvious.

But again, if Envato would be based in another country that is also using a $ as their currency, lets say Belize, would you actually think that you are paying in Belize Dollar (BZD), unless specifically noted? I think not. :slight_smile:


In Australia we have sites that display just the $ and it means that it is Australian Dollars.Some sites like ebay

show AU.

Anyone in the world can buy there if they want.

It is not about the price. it is about the fact that it did not say at purchase time that it would be in US dollars.

Thanks for your input anyway, you sound like such a nice fellah.


Savage! :wink:


You would have to ask someone from Belize. :slight_smile: