Socodeur have a legitimate question :

We were taxed at a height of 97.31%, how the heck is it possible ?

We live in France we tried to configure it so as not to pay US taxes but we couldn’t.
So we stopped selling on Envato.

Do you have an answer to this almost 100% taxe ?
So as us to start selling on envato again…

Thank you.

This is something to make ticket to envato team - not to make big show on the forum.

and focuse on first left box where’s 0$ -> so taxes are counted from nothing ?

At the end of the month, you earning are being calculated and you’re receiving an email about payment. After that, the earning table on the left gets reset for the next month. If you check the statistics carefully, you will see $0.00 sales are for November not for October.

You locate in EU and it’s October, the calculation is based on AU ( it’s November already - time difference ) so you don’t have to contact the support. There’s no problem