Earnings Report discussion (November 2022)

Yeah, envato elements is not fair for the erning. It’s not transparent.

We want a more transparent way. We want to know how many downloads we had. Sometimes I see people using my assets on social media, but I don’t know how many downloads I had. Even more when my asset made really low earnings.

I have developer skills, and I am pretty sure your team is able to display how many downloads an Item had. Not only a small colored chart bar.

Please, improve it. You are earning 50% of if. Make it more honest and transparent for us, we are giving our talent and skills for your market.


i would like to add one thing here i have noticed since feb 2022 envato is putting almost same figure no matter how bad or good the month starts at the end they give what they want to give. previously i thought it was a due to downloads but how exactly customers are downloading for same revenue ?

hard days, for me who started a new step here with high hopes, it means but from the beginning until now the graph seems so small for a big hope

I hope there are a few new stories from them out there that change things for the best for the writers because after all they deserve their hard work…

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Earnings seems freezed. Today’s report shows old data. @BenLeong any info about update? Thanks


@LumenMedia The October 4th earnings data is on the way - it appears have been held up by a related issue to last week’s After Tax issues, though both the Before and After Tax earnings data have been delayed this time.

There’s some additional work underway that should mitigate these incidents - it looks like the data has been consistently available for all our internal systems, but sometimes it’s not making it through to the Author Dashboard view. The Data team is currently investigating that to find out what’s holding up the daily Dashboard refresh.


Thank you for clarifying.


Earnings not updated, it should have been updated 5 hrs back

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Same here no update earning

Same here

Same boat

It’s not looking update too.

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Why has the same problem occurred again and again over the past few months? :thinking:

Difficult end of month. Since 4-5 days ago Elements earnings are dropping more than the usual known drop.


Same with me. A drastic drop in earnings by half this month. They withdrew the bonus explaining it with a change to better marketing, but this marketing doesn’t seem to work.

I would also like to have more control over my items.

For example, in Freepik I have everything written down every month. How many people liked, downloaded a given item and the price for downloading is written next to each. Why isn’t this in Elements until today?

Theoretically, Earning Report has it spelled out, but I feel like it could be improved upon. This author panel looks like we’ve gone back in time. Take a look at modern dashboards.

Give me more details to create new templates. I want to know more what people need. Where are they from and what are their needs?

I’ve read the articles on Blog | Author Hub but I don’t find many answers there. It’s just an article that doesn’t mean much.

Yeah, it’s not clear about earning report, it’s looking a drop on earning but we don’t know why ?

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