Earnings Report Discussion (December 2021)

my report is stuck on 29th Oct. Is it with everybody?

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My is already updated to 30.

Hi, my date has updated to 30, but income has not been updated (


Same here

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Last days updates have been better about dates-earnings-delays. So there is an evident earnings report improvement if we take into consideration the past previous issues.

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Updated earnings for October 30

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Unusual low earnings from subscriptions? Are these raports final?


For me is stable as the rest of the year.

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Yes, for me too

Anyone found that 31st day income is always very little?


for me its half of everyday average earnings.

Yes. But every 28 of February you will have triple earnings

November Earnings Report is live :grinning:


Yes but what about 33 days of delay? Did you do some math :wink:

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What is the 33 days delay? Where is the 33 days delay?
Why you are confusing everyone?

Read here:

I understand that and I understood how it works. Now I want to know what is the issue in that?

In earnings report i have 1st November calculated. In Europe it’s 4th December. In Australia it’s 5th Dec. In USA it’s 4th in the morning. That difference makes me crazy. We are like Masons 33 degrees :wink:
Keep calm everything has it’s path. Everything is ok.

I can understand the issue. But in reality the delay is only 3 days not 33 days. I’m sure the subscription the customer buys is for a month and not for a day. So don’t you think Envato can calculate your share of earning after a month only?.

Anyway I stopped thinking about all these technicalities long time ago. One thing I learnt in the past 11 years in Envato is that, you can only satisfy yourself. Because I left my permanent job once started making decent money from Envato, that is 10 years ago. And till now I never stopped working or learning new tools. Just trying to be in the game of video stock. I can say I’m still going strong.

Hope it works for you too in some way.