Each of my products has been seen by average of 80 peple!!! Amazing!

This is even more amazing guys! I believe I released first product 4 months ago or so and now I got 4 released products, well, games to be exact, and average of 80 people saw each of my games! It’s an incredible number, huge, which is obviously what’s expected from such an enormous marketplace. I just want to thank CodeCanyon staff for making my games so visible and approachable.

I’m sure they’d like to thank you for creating such popular items. Congrats!

I’m thinking one cannot judge an item based on 80x80 pixels thumbnail, but that’s me, your logic might differ. 80 clicks on that thumbnail probably means 80 people saw that thumbnail.

At least 80 people, yes. I’d be very surprised if just 80 people saw it. Just like 80 clicks doesn’t equate to 80 sales… it’s unlikely that 80 views resulted in 80 clicks. There’s no real way to say how many views of that thumbnail there were. Could be 80, 800 or 8000.

You can’t surely deny that it’s just a wee bit odd.

What is? Which part is odd?

It’s a nice indicator @CoderGames! Nice work!:+1:

@SpaceStockFootage I can’t believe you’re asking that. It’s more than obvious which part. I got 4 items, all of them have a very close number of views, that surely can’t be a coincidence as they were released over a period of 4 months or so.

thats great. Good luck for the sales :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Ah right, the part you didn’t mention is odd? Right, I get you! Based on your original post it wasn’t clear whether you had released items over a period of four months, or whether you released your first item four months ago, and your second, third and fourth 3.9 months ago.

So you’re seeing the fact that your newer items are getting more views as a negative? Have you considered that the more followers you get, the more likely it is that your more recent items will get more views?

Thanks for getting back to me, I started to worry you might have disappeared or something worse. Now, I find it hard to believe that 2 of my followers affected those numbers, if we take into consideration a fact that one of those two followers started following me just recently, after my latest item was published. It’s more likely there’s some kind of limiter, possibly an implementation on the server side, managing visibility of items based on certain conditions. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, I love me a good conspiracy, it’s like one of those in the movies, right?