I've had 6 sales so far!

I’m not someone who wants to make anyone jealous or go around boasting about incredible achievements and doing self-promotion. I’m just like that, modest and truthful to the core. It’s just who I am. But, since I opened up an account here, back in July 2016, I’ve made such a great achievement that is really worth mentioning. And I repeat, I’m not doing it to make you jealous, I just want to let you know how happy I am. I’ve released several HTML5 games so far and made 6 sales so far.


Congratulation @CoderGames :tada: Most of the authors share about their sales just to share their achievement and motivate others. When we joined Envato we took inspiration and motivation from senior authors and for the same reason we also share our achievements. This is a great community and member are very kind and cooperative. I wish you best of luck for tons of more sales :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I remember you from before. Thank you very much! I’m hoping to get 6 more sales during next 12 months as well.

Congratulations @CoderGames :tada:

Thanks a lot!

have seen the items quality is low man.

The price is even lower, man.