Five Sales in first twenty days. Now improvements come.

Hi everyone,

it’s has been more than 20 days since i became an Exclusive Author an published my first item on the Marketplace.
Now i’m quite happy for the beginning but i think it can be even better, i’m working on adding some more features to the item to improve it and try to get more sales.

Maybe some of you guys could tell me what you would like to see included in this item and i may consider adding it [removed by Moderator @Graphic_Studio ]


Hi @codekings

Congrats for your first item and first sale :slight_smile: Kindly remember, don’t post direct links . you can give a search oriented link .


{MOD @Graphic_Studio says: Thanks @DigiSamaritan Post Modified]

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Up sorry. I will do so in future.

@DigiSamaritan Thanks