DVD/Bluray - Encore Templates?

I created a lot of DVD/Bluray menus and asked myself isn’t it intersting to sell some as templates.
What do you think, is there anyone interested in DVD/BluRay Menu Templates?
Is it to complicate to create one which is easy to customize for someone with less skills in Adobe Encore and authoring?

Let me know what you think.

When saying Menu-templates do you mean an After-Effects template with animated menus that can be customized ? (Change titles, sub-menus, colors etc…)

Or a template for Adobe Encore?

What i mean is an Adobe Encore Template including After Effects animation AND PSD file to change everything:

  1. Menu created in Photoshop including Button placeholder and so on.
    (Start movie, Xtras, MO…)

  2. Animated Background in After Effects.
    (A looped video/animation/or something)

  3. Encore Safefile with the PSD as menu and the exported AE movie as background.
    (Rename the buttons only and replace the movie files in the Encore sequenz/customized background)

So when you open the Encore file including the PSD menu you will be able to change/rename the menu buttons or create one more. When your After Effects animated background includes text you’ll be able to change it in the AE file. Also color, style, insert other stuff and so on. So you get a FINAL Encore DVD/BluRay menu with all other things to change the values like the buttons, background menu animation-in, maybee.

That is what i tought.
i hope u understand my english and what kind of idea i had.

Sounds like a good idea, however I’m not sure it’s possible since it’s a complete new category…Encore…

It’s a process that may require a lot of support…like Theme-Forest…
Going through 3 programs with 1 template is tricky…but anyways it’s something Envato should authorize before it can happen.

BTW your English is great :slight_smile: