Encore Menu Templates

So, all you super awesome authors out there need to start a new trend! Adobe Encore apparently allows you to create Photoshop Layers, Premier Video, etc. that can be brought in to create some super amazing DVD Menus.

I’m going to start doing a lot of this work myself, but it’d be totally boss to see some Envato Authors start taking this to a whole new level!

Please consider it! Thanks :slight_smile:

If we are talking about new trends…I’m also looking for Adobe Premiere plugins, for instance Automatic Color Correction, Automatic White Balance, Automatic Sound Equalizer, things like these…Lately I noticed on videohive a lot of stock footage, but tools like the ones mentioned really help video editors in their work and there aren’t so many.

I know there are some addons for After Effects on videohive, but I know a group of people who are really looking for add-ons for Adobe Premiere instead!