I bought and downloaded a template from theme forest do I have to down load Klasik Framework to start editing it on Word press?

Assuming you have bought a WordPress theme then you only need to make sure WP is installed on your website then upload the theme and go from there

Wordpress is installed how do I upload it on WP?

Make sure you use the right theme folder (better still download “Installable WordPress File Only” version), then in WP-Admin Appearance >> themes >> upload and upload the theme zip

Ok Charlie…this is a big scary monster for me…I thought this would be easier. My question to you is are you able to get on remotely and help this poor struggling soul out? Or even call me?

I can’t even find Appearances on my WP.

Sorry but I can’t help remotely. If you need to find a freelancer you can check

With respect if this process (which does not need to be scary) daunts you then editing the site once it is uploaded may be tricky. The uploading is the easy bit.

Ok Charlie…I did find the Appearance and I hit theme…I just can’t find how to upload the template I got from TF.

Ok Charlie…I figure out how to upload it but this is what came up:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

  1. Are you certain that you have bought a WordPress theme from Themeforest and NOT a HTML template or otherwise?

  2. You do own your own domain and hosting right and NOT using a website?

  • in your downloads (if you are logged in click the download button next to the file. Choose “Installable WordPress File Only”

If you don’t see this option then it is not a WordPress theme.

That should download a zip folder which is what you need yo upload to WordPress. If for some reason it unzips when downloading you can just re-zip it or use FTP.

I have nothing that I have purchased. But I have been using it for some time on my old web site. This is what I purchased from TF:

Elastic - Wedding WordPress Theme - ThemeForest Item for Sale
Elastic - Wedding WordPress Theme

And yes I have Hosting Nation as my host for my domain.

That looks like a WP theme so if you

  1. click the download button in your TF account
  2. Choose Installable WordPress File Only’
  3. upload that Zip file via WP admin

I think I almost got this! Here is what came up: What should I do now?

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

This theme requires a parent theme. Checking if it is installed…

Preparing to install Klasik 0.7.13…

Downloading install package from…

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Successfully installed the parent theme, Klasik 0.7.13.

Theme installed successfully.

Live PreviewLive Preview “Elastic” | ActivateActivate “Elastic” | Return to Themes page

Click Activate Elastic.

Just so you know when you launch a WordPress theme it probably won;t look like the demo you see on Themeforest. To make it look like that you need to add XML demo content and set up the theme e.g. add appropriate menus etc.

If you click that download button again and choose ‘All files and documentation’ within that folder will be documentation outlining this process and the XML file you need to import.

Best option if it is still confusing is speak to the author as they support the file

So right now I see the Elastic template how do I start writing content add pictures and my logo?

Theme specific queries need to go to the author using link

Ok I think I can get started on the content I will send in a request to the author. Charlie thank you for your help. Happy Saturday! Naomi