Downloading song for personal use?

I would like to download this beautiful song called “Inspiring Piano” by AudioPizza:

However I only want it for personal listening, I won’t be using it commercially… is there a cheaper option than $29 :frowning: ?
I know there a preview-download option, but that is horrible since it says a very distracting “Audio Jungle” every few seconds, can I buy the song just for personal listening, for maybe a few dollars?

Try searching on iTunes or Spotify, otherwise contact the author and ask if he is selling the song for personal listening.

As the author is exclusive to envato it would be in breach of their agreement to be selling this (or a variation of it) elsewhere

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To the best of my recollection, we are indeed allowed to make Audiojungle exclusive music available for listening-only purposes. This was discussed in-depth 3-4 years ago with regard to iTunes, although I don’t know if they still offer music for purchase and download. Exclusivity only limits our ability to license it elsewhere.


There is a special policy for Audiojungle and music for listening purposes. An exclusive AJ author can indeed sell the same track on listening-purpose platforms such as iTunes or Spotify.


Fair enough - I didn’t know that. Thanks for clarifying

Thanks for all your responses. I have searched elsewhere and it seems the only place this song is located on is Audiojungle… I guess then I should try to get in contact with the artist.