Looking for an music

Looking for music that supposedly comes from Audiojungle.
But I can’t find it.

Below link is the samples.

I’d really appreciate it if you could find it!

Check the details at the video you got the music, usually there’re some information

There’s no information about the music in the description of the original video.

The user of the music is a YouTuber, and when he used another song (not Audiojungle), his immature fans have bothered the composer’s video, so he intentionally does not disclose information about the music he uses now.

Just wait for the YouTube take down notice, they will probably provide the original item and details :slight_smile:

Five months after posting the linked video, no warning or music information was sent. I think there is no YouTube content ID.

May not be from Envato

Most of the other musics the YouTuber uses can be found on AudioJungle, so I guessed it’s here.