Downloading and updating a premium WordPress theme.



I paid a guy on Fiverr to setup my website a year ago. I paid him extra so he could purchase a premium theme for me. He set up the site. It looked great, etc., but now, a year later, I notice that all this time this active theme has not been updating (or even on the list of themes to be updated).

It turns out I need some Themeforest username and API key.

I asked him for this, but have not heard back yet.

How can I deal with this if he does not respond.

I have no problem with paying $11 - for the cost of purchasing the them here, but I have no idea how to integrate it into Wordpress and not screw up the current setting, contents, etc.

I am thinking about just paying someone to use the same / different theme and doing it all over from scratch.



As I understand, you paid him to buy a HTML item and make it wordpress site, now you want to update html to your wordpress site?
That’s quite complicated.

  • If HTML item updated only CSS, you could buy it and get new CSS to update your wordpress CSS (still need test & fix).
  • If HTML item changed tag & class struture, that’d be difficult.

I think the best choice is keep your current site :smiley: or build a new site, you still have old data in wp-admin.


Hi. Thanks for your reply.

I think you misunderstand. I paid extra for a premium theme, but he never gave me the username and API key for me to update it.

I can do the updating, etc. I just thought that if I paid extra for the theme, I’d get to have it.

IN any case, can I just pay for it (again, essentially) by buying it here

and then just use the username and API key that I get from this purchase?


Item on your link is a PSD template not a WordPress Theme. This is the WordPress version of Enfold

I am 99% sure that that guy from Fiverr just either downloaded a warez version or used his own purchased version for your project. In both cases you are most likely using illegal version of the theme. In other words, you got what you paid for… But this does not matter now. If you want to update the theme (and you definitely should keep your theme up to date) you need your own license bought with your own Envato account.

Theme is currently on sale so I would not hesitate about purchasing it.

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Thanks. That is what I thought might have been the case.

An $11 license is a super cheap fix. Once I have the username and API key, it should update my theme without losing the content of the website?


Actually it is $45. Again, you’ve linked to a wrong item. You need WordPress theme not PSD template. Please read my reply again.

Once you’ve purchased the WordPress theme then you should be able to update using Envato Market plugin

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