Download Server down?

I have been trying to download a purchased item for about 30 minutes. But it appears the download server is not responding or is down or is being attacked.
Any word on when this will be back up?


Please download your purchased Item from your Dashboard Download tab. Go to Downloads and download from there (Assuming you are loggedin in envato market).


I am fully aware of how to download my items. I have purchased many over the years. What I am saying is that the server where the downloads come from, is FREAKING OUT! It starts a download, says 13 seconds, moves to 13 minutes, and then times out due to lost connection with the server.

Nothing else I am doing online today is having this problem.

I am referring to

Oh! don’t know why you facing this.
Just now I have downloaded one of my purchased item successfully.
Please can you try with a different browser and with clear cache.

Maybe it’s like a CDN and is only in my area. I have tried two different browsers. Same issues.

What speeds do you see here?

There’s not a single download server – all downloads go through Amazon CloudFront, which is indeed a CDN. However, Amazon isn’t reporting any outages or disturbances right now.

Basically is taking forever.
Got 3 of 6 tests failed for the first part.
Now it is stuck in the page loading loop in the title bar. Like it’s trying to load more information, but isn’t doing well.

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Something’s definitely not right then. I just searched far and wide on the internet for any mentions of a CloudFront outage, but unfortunately I don’t see anything.

It might be worthwhile to contact your internet provider. It’s not impossible that the issue is on their side.

In the meantime, the only quick workarounds that I can think of are a) using your mobile network, without wifi enabled should data limits permit; or b) using a VPN.

1.68 MB
3 of 5 tests failed

0.36 MB
3 of 10 tests failed

A VPN did the trick. So it’s definitely something local and with the CDN. Hopefully they find and fix it.
I am in Denver, CO, USA btw. If that helps.


Great to hear! :smiley:

Having the same issues and I’m also in Denver.

I can’t even sign in. I click “Sign In” and the sign in page loads and closes before you can even use it.

P.S. Tried on Mac & PC, multiple browsers. Been like this since last night.

Yes… I am trying from both mac and PC and from connections in Texas and New York on seperate PCs and I can’t even sign into the site or access the downloads page!


The original message was about problems with downloads, which are a different thing than signing into the site. If you can’t sign into the site, that’s certainly a problem. Are you still experiencing it? If so, please open a support request so that we may look into it.