Elements not letting me download anything

Anyone else having trouble with downloads? Elements won’t let me download anything. I keep getting the following error message:

Please help!


Hi @wildwoodbranding! Envato’s hosting vendor (Amazon) is experiencing major widespread outages at the moment and service might be spotty.

You can track the status here – https://status.envato.com/

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I’m experiencing the same issue, both here on Envato and also some other sites so it is not limited to just Envato. Very frustrating when you need to get a project completed.

Same problem here, I can’t download anyting…

It’s incredible! This site is down!..

Same here!


I can’t download either. Very frustrating since i am trying to meet a deadline and Envato has Zero Service. WTF! You can’t call anyone, just the modern type in a deadend request.

alguem sabe o prazo para normalização ???

When will this be solved? It’s already a few hours and no progress, even worse.

Same problems here in NY

same problem and no answer… :angry:

What is it that people don’t understand about “outages”? We all moan and whinge when something doesn’t work but whether it’s a fridge freezer, an oven, a car - or in this case computers (servers) we get our knickers in a twist and expect someone to wave a magic wand and it all gets fixed in 10 seconds.

When global outages happen then it does take time to get the servers back online, and then for everything else to catch up. The more YOU click refresh and attempt to reload pages, the more slower that makes the servers whilst everything gets back online.

Go and have a cup of coffee - chill out for an hour and enjoy life, then come back to your computers the next day. We did live before technology came along :wink:


There’s an outage on Amazon’s web servers, so this could be the issue for Envato too. Seems like it’s effecting other web services all over the world right now.


The incident has cleared. If you’re still having trouble downloading files, please: