Problem with download! SERVER DOWN?!

Hi there,

I just trying to download my old purchase. Some song file size is only 74.6mb and it shows me that download will take 1-3h! Something is wrong with the server, as I’m on 100mb/s line.

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Hi @Bokstas,

Our downloads are served through Amazon CloudFront, a global content distribution network (CDN) with hundreds of servers distributed throughout the world. If you’re having trouble with download speeds, it may be related to your local network – can you try the download on a different network (home/work/mobile/etc) and see if you see the same thing?

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I purchased music this afternoon and all I could download was the 2 min preview I originally heard. Tried for 4 hours to dnld hoping I’d get what I bought. Then I got a messsge saying I could not dnld my purchase for 24 hrs. I’d already downloaded it 20x. Never did get it. I’m mad. No customer service
No email no phone # message to me said they would get back to me within 10 days. I plan to put out bad reviews everywhere Never seen such a poor site for buying a product.

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i @rosssimpson,

I guess it was server problem (at least on that period when i wrote this post). Today it downloaded in seconds. Via PC and via 4G. I would advise to check server logs.