download all steams

I’m new on here and thinking of getting subscription for music.
There is just one thing bothering me, will I be able to download all steam or ill just get ready track?
I am epidemic sound customer and i like it there that i can get all steams, however on audio jungle seems better tracks.
so if steams are available on here i wouldnt hesitate a split second.

Hi there, you can’t download Stems from Audiojungle (I assume you are refering to individual tracks/channels of a song)
The closer you can get is buying a Music Kit. Is not the same but is the next best thing if you are looking for versatility.

Some authors, like myself :wink:, provide a limited amount of stems when buying “Music Broadcast & Film” licenses (between 5 and 8 stems). But that is something done outside Audiojungle after providing proof of purchase.

Hope I made myself clear
Good luck with your quest

oh ok, thank you. i still got a subscription, but… i cant get anything, all the things are still with watermark, or audiojungle voice on music.
they are useless, what am i doing wrong?
is there any customer service with envato?
cant find any contact.
please someone help

Here’s the link for support:


Just for the sake of clarification: the subscription is for Elements. It grants you access to the Elements catalogue, not Audiojungle’s.

Ok thank you for explaining.

It’s so misleading.



Can’t disagree with that!