Domain name change after a purchase

Hello, I purchased Novo theme and started developing a site in a domain name like this
It took 8 months, so the support period is over, to get it to a production phase so now I want the site to be under
I cannot communicate with the author with another way other than submitting a ticket, however I consider this to be a purchase related issue and not a technical related to the theme issue. So I find it unfair to pay 48 euros to renew a support period only for this.
Can somebody give me an advice on how to proceed?
Thank you!

You should be able to submit the ticket without renewing the license. Just post the comments of the item ( without sharing the purchase code ) and request some help.


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunatelly I cannot find a way to leave a comment for this item! I tried the contact form, from the author’s profile page now and I will post a review and leave some honest words in it in the near future. I am not willing to let it go though, since this is not a good practice.

He did respond, case closed! It took longer than I thought but all good at the end.