Domain limit exceeds message is display even if I deleted all related domain

Hi, I got a DOMAIN LIMIT EXEEDS message although this only referred to a domain.

  1. I tried to link a purchased theme to my main domain A.
  2. And then I deleted all contents of domain A from my hosting.
  3. I created a subdomain B of another domain to customize this new theme.
  4. After finishing this customize, I started transferring to main domain A.
  • Deleted subdomain B completely (checked on DNSchecked and there is no data)
  • Deleted this subdomain from my hosting.
  1. Installed a new wordpress and linked to the main domain A.
    But when I am going to active this theme, “Domain limit exceeds” messge is displayed.

I do not know why this happened because I deleted both domain A and B contents, domain B itself >> therefore I still have 2 licenses as the limitation of this theme.
However, it sill shows this message and I can not proceed to the next steps to launch my website.

Anyone knows how to fix this and it would be great to here from you!
Thank you.

Each license only permits one use/website.

Not all authors allow buyers to transfer between domains.

Regardless of if you are deleting versions, unless you have properly deregistered the theme then it will still be seen as used.

Your best option is to contact the author

Thanks for replying to my issues.
I will contact with authors to resolve it ^^.
I only used 2 domains that are included in the license fee, but maybe the author’s license system can not know when I changed it.
Domain A → Domain B → Domain A
Hope they can reset for me…

No license permits 2 domains.

Unless you deregister a theme then deleting files or an installation will make to difference.