Does support like ever answer? The experience is awful...

I contacted support already 2 days ago, having issues, not answer anywhere. Even via phone the contact is pretty useless,… i paid 42€ for this excuse of a service?!
This is a shame nothing more.
The user experience is awful in regard envato elements and their support, is there a actual human one can reach out and get actual support around here?
Like this is starting to frustrate me and feels like a absolute joke.


Support will get back to you as soon as possible. Just a reminder that there’s no need to open multiple tickets and post replies to those tickets asking for an update. This will only bog the system down and interrupt your place in the queue.


I mean you guys are really taking your time, while when it was time to charge for this service you took no delay. I need a resolution like ASAP, since what you advertise is false in the way its working right now. And Im already having extra costs, due to using another service that doesnt have these issues. 2days is already taking almost 7% of my monthly subscription time, how can you even call this a service?

It’s the 3rd day now, STILL 0 ANSWERS, is this some kind of a joke?!
I demand a response ASAP. I paid way too much for non-functioning product. For the money you guys charge, this should be resolved same day, not that Im walking in circle for 3 days with not even 1 response.
If this is not fixed and properly compensated, I will take legal action!

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Already oppened, for 3DAYS now, no answer, its with the author directly, since i have issues with the Envato elements subscriptions, i cant use the product…
Not a single response yet,… in 3DAYS, do you think this is normal? -I hope not.

Yes unfortunately the support here is pretty bad. I was locked out of my account and the support adviser didn’t really have a clue. Their only suggestion was to log in at a different link, which was a waste of time. Not sure if it’s a training issue, but for a paying customer, it’s unacceptable they keep you waiting so long. Eventually I had to find a workaround to gain access, and the problem still persists. If notified Envato, but they still haven’t fixed the original issue. Sadly, support here is really bad. It’s a shame because Envato has so much potential. But let down by their poor customer service and lack of holding authors to account eg. Authors who promise support but don’t deliver.

First time I’ve visited this forum. Based on this thread alone-- absent any meaningly info as to why support here does not respond-- it’s highly doubtful I will have anything to do with this company.