Does it really have to perfect? Do you have some advice?


I am beginner here and i submit in videohive AE template and Unfortunately it was rejected do you have other practical tips?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:


I think most people get their first AE template rejected. Don’t worry about it. Work on it, tweak it, throw it out of the window and start again if it’s just not that good.

Take a look around. See what sells, what doesn’t, check out styles and designs and colour combinations that tick all the boxes. Don’t copy, but drink in the heady mix of creative juices flowing through the highways and byways of the site. Drink in so much of it that you can’t take any more, and then vomit those creative juices onto a blank After Effects canvas and create a project that will turn heads and twist minds.

Leave this place. Leave this place and then come back more powerful than we can possibly imagine.