Does Envato sell our email accounts to other authors?

We recived an email from the author ‘theme-king’ on our support account about there new tool(not free offcourse) and we have gotten some other emails in the past from other authors like ‘themefuse’ trying to sell us stuff(no not envato items but there own stuff), so as we did not know these authors or give our email accounts to them how the heck are these authors using our email accounts?

Is Envato selling/giving our email accounts to other authors?

I’m certain that they wouldn’t do this.

There’s all sorts of ways that someone may get an email but an organisation like envato are not going to do something like selling customers data.

Maybe web scrapping?

Not possible as its a private account just used here on Envato.

Absolutely not :slight_smile:

Did that email send from your profile contact form? I’ve received one from my profile :smiley: they don’t need our emails to use that form