Do Envato sale our personal Information ..?



Dear Envato Members

I was reading Envato privacy and I’m asking who can access my personal information, do Envato use our emails to give to another company’s …? Do Envato sale our information …?

I love Envato so much, but last time I see there is a deal between Envato and Live chat ( I’m sure about that because there is many of Advertising and notifications came to my Email from Live chat, I never went there or subscribe on their website…anyway I ignored it and I open new account in Envato with new Email, when I bought my first product in Envato Market I received emails from Live chat …! how that can happen and where is the respect of our personal information …?



Who did Not received advertising from Live Chat…? I think most of Envato members has received notifications from Live chat to his Email.!


HI. Envato Dosent sell Authors/Buyers details.

I am using envato from 2 years I have 2 personal emails just for envato. I Never got a advertising mails.

and also i never heard about the livechatinc.

Check your pc for virus/malwares - Use Good Antivirus.


What’s live chat?

I’m a member since 2008 and I never received anything suspicious that I could link to Envato. Either my spam filters are awesome, or Envato is OK :).


Hi,Thanks guys for reply.

I think possible that a third party has access to my details,the most likely scenario is that either an author of an item I have purchased from or a third party has used otherwise publicly available information to contact me, Envato team suggest that I reach out to any author who may have access to my email address and ask them whether there is any possibility that my details have been shared without my consent.